About Terra Outdoor Living

Exclusively designed contemporary outdoor furniture

This is the distinction that defines Terra Outdoor Living.

For over fifteen years, Terra has been a pioneer in exploring the relationships between indoor and outdoor living and creating the seamless melding of the two. Collaborating with an extraordinary design team, we bring exclusive design concepts to the market place through our furniture design brand, VENTANA. Creating exceptional collections that capture the essence of contemporary living, VENTANA has grown to become a nationally acclaimed brand providing exclusive luxury furniture for fine homes, hotels, and commercial establishments across the United States.


Design, Quality, Innovation

Design: Fresh ideas in design that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces with a sense of simplicity, beauty and elegance.

Quality: We craft our outdoor furniture with the finest materials available that provide beauty, durability and comfort. Rugged by design, our products are engineered for strength and resistant to moisture and UV rays.

Innovation: The Terra Team meets annually for our Terra Design Summit to develop and review the latest ideas and innovations in outdoor furniture design. We then spend months developing, testing and refining these ideas to bring to the marketplace. Through this collaborative effort, we are able to create unique furniture collections that truly define the Ventana brand.


At Terra, we curate and design innovative furniture collections that blend quality, simplicity and beauty to reconnect you to home and elevate your outdoor experience.

Our primary goal is to help you transform your own outdoors into a sanctuary to relax, gather, and live well everyday.


Terra is committed to not only elevating design, but also ensuring that our business practices and partners adhere to the highest standards of ethics and responsibility. We are committed to green practices and work diligently with suppliers to source recycled products that minimize their impact on the planet.