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Concrete Outdoor Furniture: A Stylish and Smart Addition for Your Patio

When most hear the word “concrete”, bridges, skyscrapers, and flooring might come to mind. But, what about using concrete for outdoor patio furniture? Believe it or not, concrete outdoor furniture is increasingly popular, and the results are stunning, to put it mildly. The world’s most used man-made material is concrete. It’s gaining favor for it’s […]

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5 Reasons to Buy Teak Patio Furniture

Whether you’re looking for a stylish sectional or sturdy patio table, the material you choose can have a significant impact on the life and look of outdoor décor. When you want the best of both beauty and brawn, you’ll be hard-pressed­ to find better than premium teakwood. Here are five reasons to buy teak outdoor […]


How to Clean Your Teak Patio Furniture

High quality teak patio furniture is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. With just a little investment of time and energy you can be sure that your beautiful furniture is going to perform admirably season after season. Cleaning is the basic maintenance task associated with teak outdoor furniture although there are […]