Your Summer Guide to Al Fresco Dining in Style

The mercury climbs with the start of the Summer season. Now that you can officially shed the outerwear on most days and early evenings, you may want to enjoy “al fresco dining” on your home porch or patio. While outdoor furniture is one consideration for dining in nature, you’ll want to add a few other […]

Happy Earth Day – Create Your Own Butterfly Habitat

At Terra, love for the outdoors is in our DNA. We strive to ensure our products and business practices reflect our respect for the planet and all its creatures. We are proud to say our associates embody these values in their everyday lives. Today we highlight team member Denise Deiro Chagas, who has a passion […]

How to Measure and Determine Size for Bar Stools

Outdoor Bar Furniture

Bar stools and counter stools are a stylish and effective way to incorporate additional seating. They work well for an inside or outside home bar, around countertops in the kitchen, and any other location in the home where people tend to gather but there aren’t always enough places to sit. Before buying or making a […]

Ideas for Keeping a Patio Warm During Winter Months

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to be a concern in many areas of the country, some homeowners are trying to figure out ways to extend the outdoor season. While patios and other outdoor space might not normally receive much attention over the winter, 2020 is a year like no other. Below are several ideas for […]

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Thanksgiving Gathering

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, many Americans grapple with how to keep their guests safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. People who live in mild climates that allow for outdoor gatherings into late November always have the option of hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner. While the gathering might look a bit different than other […]

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Dining Set

Eating outdoors with friends and family is a simple pleasure that many people enjoy. Having the perfect outdoor dining set makes it even better. Since all other pieces center around the table, choosing the table first and working outwards through your patio is a good idea. Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Dining Table […]

Woven Rope Furniture – An Innovative Trend for 2020

(Picture above: The Presidio collection featuring grey Italian woven rope and white powder-coated aluminum.) The practice of using woven rope to create furniture is a tradition that goes back to ancient times in Egypt. In those early days, primitive Egyptians used woven rope to make line-rope chair seats. The material fell out of favor for […]

Backyard Things to do in Quarantine

quarantine activty ideas

These are challenging times for Americans. Not only are people trying to work and educate their children from home due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, financial pressures and worry over health can make anxiety about the situation feel unbearable In a society that’s always on the go, figuring out new and creative things to do in […]

Patio Upgrade Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

A well-maintained, well-designed patio can serve as an amazing gathering space. It can allow you and your family to enjoy your property and host guests in a convenient, comfortable way. Adding to the appeal of patios is that, as this article shows, there are many inexpensive ways to easily install upgrades. Keep reading to find […]

The History of the Adirondack Chair – an All-American Story

adirondacks and rockers

Adirondack chairs are so popular today that people typically don’t pause to consider their history. Originally called the Westport chair by designer Thomas Lee, the Adirondack chair dates to the year he invented it in 1903. While on vacation with his family in Westport, New York near Lake Champlain, Lee decided to create outdoor furniture […]