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Backyard Things to do in Quarantine

quarantine activty ideas

These are challenging times for Americans. Not only are people trying to work and educate their children from home due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, financial pressures and worry over health can make anxiety about the situation feel unbearable In a society that’s always on the go, figuring out new and creative things to do in […]

Patio Upgrade Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

A well-maintained, well-designed patio can serve as an amazing gathering space. It can allow you and your family to enjoy your property and host guests in a convenient, comfortable way. Adding to the appeal of patios is that, as this article shows, there are many inexpensive ways to easily install upgrades. Keep reading to find […]

The History of the Adirondack Chair – an All-American Story

adirondacks and rockers

Adirondack chairs are so popular today that people typically don’t pause to consider their history. Originally called the Westport chair by designer Thomas Lee, the Adirondack chair dates to the year he invented it in 1903. While on vacation with his family in Westport, New York near Lake Champlain, Lee decided to create outdoor furniture […]

Transform Your Terrace with Premium Teak Furniture

premium teak outdoor furniture set

Furniture made with teak materials can provide a unique and upscale look for your outdoor living space. Terra Outdoor Living is pleased to partner with manufacturers that use materials from the teak tree, a tropical hardwood tree species native to southern and southeastern Asia. Countries with the highest percentage of teak trees include Burma, India, […]

The Wonders of All-Weather Outdoor Wicker Furniture

outdoor wicker furniture

Placing wicker furniture outside on the porch is a relatively new trend, but the beginnings of the furniture itself goes back several thousand years. Crafters in Egypt made tables and chairs from it while those in Rome created baskets and sofas. Wicker furniture was an important aspect of Victorian culture, especially the Golden Age lasting […]

Outdoor Dining Decor Ideas: Mix & Match Styles

When it comes to design for outdoor spaces, it’s becoming increasingly popular to go for a personalized look instead of a pre-packaged design. If you’re looking for ideas for outdoor dining decor, this might come as a surprise. Mixing styles will result in a sophisticated, unique, and memorable outdoor spaces, provided you follow a few […]

Winter Patio Ideas for Cold Weather Outdoor Enjoyment

While the cooler temps may settle over the area during the winter months, there is no reason to stare longingly at your outdoor space and wish for spring to arrive. Before thinking that you’re relegated to several months of indoor activities, there are things you can do to fully enjoy and make use of your patio during the winter.

5 Ways to Get Your Patio Ready for Fall

You’ve made it through the heat of summer, and the signs of fall are beginning to appear. Not only is the weather cooling down, but your local coffee shop has probably put out its annual sign for pumpkin-spiced treats. It may not be time to close up your outdoor space for the year, but you […]

Mix and Match Outdoor Furniture Styles

mixing concrete and other outdoor furniture styles

Ever wondered if it’s ok to mix and match outdoor furniture styles? If you think about it – having everything made of the same finish seems a bit dull. Fortunately, mixing up your outdoor furniture styles has not only become a popular choice, but it is also a way to add a personalized touch to […]