Outdoor Patio Shade Ideas for Heat Relief

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Americans take sun safety much more seriously than they once did. With skin cancer, heat stroke, and other serious consequences of the sun gaining more attention all the time, people want to remain safe while enjoying their time outdoors. We expand more on the benefits of installing a permanent source of shade below.

Top Benefits of Shade Protection

It doesn’t need to be summer for the sun to cause significant damage. That is because too much exposure to its UV rays can cause problems even on cold or overcast days. A barrier such as a patio umbrella can also provide protection from wind, rain, snow, and other weather elements. While a rainstorm or other severe weather can catch homeowners off-guard, there’s no reason they need to feel uncomfortable if they decide to wait out the weather under the protection of a patio umbrella or other common source of shade.

The type of material used in an outdoor product that provides shade protection matters to overall comfort. Fabric, for example, cools the area underneath patio umbrellas or an awning to make outdoor time more comfortable. Homeowners who install shade protection enjoy more time outdoors without worry of some of the more serious problems caused by excessive sun exposure.

Consider a Large Patio Umbrella to Shade Outdoor Spaces

It would be unfortunate for homeowners to invest in creating a patio and then not be able to enjoy it due to the sun’s intensity. A large umbrella that creates shade for the entire patio can be an ideal solution. They come in many different sizes and styles to meet the needs for practicality and aesthetics at the same time. Another benefit of patio or backyard umbrellas is that they protect outdoor furniture from premature wear.

Popular Patio Umbrellas

When shopping for patio or backyard umbrellas, homeowners should understand the most important factors to consider. These include the shape, size, and preferred tilt. Most umbrella styles come with a base and a stand that the homeowner will need to assemble separately.

Trees Near or on the Patio Provide Natural Shade

Several inexpensive ideas exist for those who want to consider other ideas beyond a large umbrella to provide backyard shading. For example, choosing to plant one or more trees near the patio can provide natural shade. Homeowners just need to carefully consider the type of tree they want to plant as some can take years to come to maturity.

Planting trees on the patio itself is another inexpensive idea. They will naturally need to be smaller trees contained within a pot such as dwarf red buckeyes or Japanese maple trees. These potted trees grow to a height of six to 10 feet and typically cost less than $100 to purchase and plant. If choosing this option, it’s important to realize that the potted trees will require ongoing maintenance such as daily watering and monthly feeding. Homeowners will also need to transport them into larger pots once they grow too large for the original ones.

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Install a Partial Pergola

A partial pergola can make an ideal solution for homeowners who desire shade in the backyard but who don’t want to cover the entire area. Shading just a corner of the yard and placing seating underneath it gives families a place to hang out together outside or to sit and enjoy a meal with a few guests. This is an inexpensive option that can provide just the right amount of shade to keep outdoor time safe and comfortable.

Homemade Privacy Shades

Any homeowner who has some extra pipes and curtains lying around can put them to good use creating outdoor privacy shades. Even people who don’t already have these materials on hand can purchase them for a low cost. Creating a shady area is as simple as piecing together two vertical and two horizontal pipes and fittings and then adding shades or curtains to the top bars. The homeowner can then place furniture inside and pull the shades around it to enjoy time outside without excessive heat or other harmful effects of the sun.

Put Up a Trellis and Let Tall Plants Grow on It

A trellis is an attached framework of metal or wooden bars that help to provide much-needed shade. Placing a trellis near the porch or another spot in the yard where people hang out is yet another idea for producing more shade. Planting flowering vines near the trellis up to 60 inches high can provide even greater shade protection.

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Sun safety is essential in any climate. The above patio ideas are flexible enough to match with any backyard décor and typically inexpensive as well.