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Stylish & Luxurious Outdoor Sofa Sets

Stretching out on a deep-seated sofa under a clear sky is a wonderful indulgence. Terra Outdoor Living offers a premium selection of luxurious, deep outdoor sofas and accessories. Enhance your outdoor space, and upgrade you and your guests' experience to a new level of comfort.

Outdoor deep seating differs from standard patio furniture. The cushions used in our outdoor sofas are several inches thick and built to last with wicker or powder-coated aluminum frames. The cushion thickness enhances the furniture aesthetic, and a offers unmatched comfort.

Extending the Life of Your Outdoor Sofa Set

Beginning with the highest-quality materials in your outdoor sofa sets, you can preserve the quality and extend your sofa's lifespan even further by following a few guidelines.
  • Always use protective covers during Winter months or other long periods of time when furniture will not be in use.
  • Clean teak with a Scotch Brite pad or a soft scrub brush. Gently clean the surface of the wood with a mild detergent such as dish soap. Never use a pressure washer or steel wool on teak furniture. Contact customer service at for questions regarding other frame materials.
  • To maintain cushions, brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, wipe up spills as soon as they occur, or spot clean soon after stains occur. Contact customer service at for questions regarding recommended cleaners for various cushion fabrics.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Experience

Deep seated outdoor sofas are an indulgence that your home and business deserves. Sofas and sofa sets can be purchased online and delivered anywhere in the United States. Customers may also visit Terra Outdoor Living at any of our 8 Northern California showrooms.