Teak Dining Tables

Teak Dining Tables

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The Value and Versatility of Teak Dining Tables

Premium outdoor dining tables must look and function beautifully, and last well beyond the next rain storm. At Terra Outdoor Living, we choose only premium-grade teak dining tables to keep your outdoor space looking great for years to come. Terra Outdoor Living is committed to products with style and longevity.

Why Teak is an Ideal Outdoor Table Material

Teak is harvested from Tectona grandis trees from sustainable sources in the tropics of Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Abundant with natural oils and rubber that ward off dry rot, fungi, and parasites, teak does not require additional weatherproofing chemicals. With strong water-resistant properties, teak was commonly used in shipbuilding. In caves in Western India, archaeologists have found articles made from teak that are over 2,000 years old. The natural attributes of this wood make it attractive for the manufacture of dining tables all over the world. It can take 80 years for a Tectona grandis to reach maturity, so the harvesting of teak is carefully regulated in most areas with a limit on the number of trees that can be cut down each year. The durability and natural weatherproofing attributes of this wood make it one of the finest choices available for patio furniture.

Discover Your Dream Teak Dining Set

Outdoor dining tables are essential staples that let us enjoy an al fresco meal, whether it’s with friends and family, or just a romantic setting for two. And while outdoor furniture may take the brunt of severe weather and daily wear, this doesn’t mean that it should have to sacrifice style. Our premium teak dining sets combine style with strength in a way that simply cannot be matched. We stay on the forefront of emerging trends to bring you long-lasting pieces that are right on point.