Caring for Your Teak Furniture

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Teak is an imported wood that helps to create some of the most popular and highest-quality outdoor furniture. Grown primarily in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, consumers throughout the world consider teak the most premium type of wood available. It offers numerous qualities not found in other types of woods such as durability and its resistance to all types of weather conditions.

One of the biggest reasons for the superiority of teak is its high concentration of natural oils. This provides it the ability to retain only minimal water. The stability of teak means that it easily resists fungi, parasites, and insects.

It takes a typical teak tree 80 years to reach full maturity, at which point harvesting begins. A work first removes a small portion of the lower part of a tree’s bark. This is the process of rigging, and it causes the teak tree to lose most of its sap. After two years, the task of chopping the tree starts. Finally, the last step is to dry the wood and begin using it in the manufacturing process. In order to support sustainable harvesting practices, Terra Outdoor only uses Grade A, plantation teak in our products. Plantation teak is exclusively planted for the purpose of forestry management, for either commercial or ecological purposes.

Like all types of outdoor furniture, teak requires cleaning and care to ensure longevity.

Caring for a Piece of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak furniture is amazingly easy to clean. It only requires homeowners to create a mixture that’s equal parts water with vinegar or laundry soap and scrub with a brush containing stiff bristles. This should loosen and clear away ground-in dirt and other debris. After completing the scrubbing, the best thing to do is rinse the piece of furniture off with a garden hose. The teak furniture should not sit for long on the wet ground. Although it’s highly resistant to wood rot and swelling, it’s best to limit excessive water exposure. Cleaning teak outdoor furniture once a year is usually enough.

After washing and rinsing the teak furniture, the next step is to rub a coating of teak oil on it. This helps to prevent the furniture from changing colors from it’s original gold to a more silver-grey hue and enables it to withstand the normal weathering process much better. Additionally, re-applying teak oil helps to remove and mold or fungi present in the wood (often mistaken as small specks of dirt).

After checking to make sure that the furniture is 100 percent dry and free of any residue, homeowners should begin wiping the teak oil all over the furniture. It’s important to remove any excess residue while wiping since this could cause an uneven finish. Homeowners can also apply teak oil to any indoor furniture made with teak to protect it against dirt, scuffs, and stains.

Maintenance Tips for Teak Furniture

Other than annual cleaning, the most important thing homeowners can do to ensure the longevity of their teak furniture is to clean spills immediately. A soft cloth or a sponge will work well for this purpose. To absorb the spill, press down into it. If it doesn’t come up, begin wiping it in slow circular motions. Applying a damp cloth right away will rid the furniture of the contents of the spill.

For consumers who wish to preserve the beautiful golden/honey brown color of new teak for as long as possible, Terra Outdoor Living recommends Golden Care’s Teak Protector, a modern treatment for teak that is easy to apply and lasts a long time. Even with applications of additional teak oil, teak furniture will turn silver-grey over time simply due to UV exposure. Golden Teak Protector is a 100% water-based formula that is naturally non-flammable and completely environment-friendly. Golden Teak Protector penetrates into the teak in less than an hour and furniture generally lasts for the entire season without turning black or gray after a single application.

With only an annual commitment to cleaning and not allowing stains to sit untreated, homeowners can enjoy years or even decades of enjoying the company of loved ones while relaxing on teak furniture.