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Outdoor furniture needs to meet specific requirements to be a quality investment that will last well beyond the next rain storm. At Terra Outdoor Living, we choose only the finest collections that not only make your outdoor lounging area look great right now, but keep it looking great for years to come. Our teak patio furniture is one of the finest choices you can make when it comes to style and longevity.

Why Is Teak a Desirable Choice?

Teak comes from the tree Tectona grandis, which grows in the tropics, specifically Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This environment creates a wood abundant with natural oils and rubber that wards off dry rot, fungi, and parasites without the need to coat it in weatherproofing chemicals. It has such great water-resistant properties that it was commonly used in shipbuilding. The wood is also so durable that articles made from it over 2,000 years ago have been found intact in caves in Western India.

The natural attributes of this wood make it attractive for the manufacture of furniture and other products all over the world. It can take 80 years for a Tectona grandis to reach maturity, so the harvesting of teak is carefully regulated in most areas with a limit on the number of trees that can be cut down each year. The durability and natural weatherproofing attributes of this wood make it one of the finest choices available for patio furniture.

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We have a wide selection of outdoor teak dining tables and patio furniture to suit almost any style or need, from deep-seating sofas, chairs, and ottomans to backless benches and blanket boxes. The beauty of the wood itself makes each furniture choice beautiful on its own. Or, add a splash of color with some of our comfortable premium cushions.

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Terra Outdoor Living offers a wide selection of quality patio furniture for your family and friends to enjoy. Our premium teak outdoor patio furniture contains some of the best natural weatherproofing attributes and durability you will ever find for outdoor furniture. Call us today at any one of our six convenient California locations, or simply place your order online.